Luca Trevisani   ☜

props design
Frozen items inspired by GIOGALI (Angelo Mangiarotti – Vetreria Vistosi).

Identity is a cloud. Let’s write down the book of water.
From the times of the Greeks and Latins, statues needed to exorcise the ephemeral nature of things, that is death itself.
GLAUCOCAMALEO is a film that, by contrast, celebrates mutability and the erosion of boundaries between things.
GLAUCOMALEO is a design platform. It’s a movie that generates different declinations of the same theme (it will be an exhibition at Museo Marino Marini), it’s a starting point, a presupposition, to develop a research focused on changes in state, on the will change, on admixture and on mutual amplification between contemporary languages, cinema and contempoarary art.
GLAUCOMALEO is a sci-fi documentary.

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